Do you recall the days of real letters arriving? I have drawers full of them. So many – in so many different hands: neat italic, manic spider crawl, a liking for Greek letter-e shapes, heavily decorated, totally individual styles. Even the typescripts from old typewriters are distinctive: the uneven touch of the user, the blocked letter-e, the broken letter-k, the jumping letter-y, the exhausted ribbon scarcely able to leave any trace on the paper. Share some of the writing I’ve received – some excerpts are newsy, some are edgy, some are just words nicely used. Many are funny if you share our sense of humour.

The quotes are from a few letters plucked from the heaps of personal mail received over the years, all jumbled up. The stories behind them are between the writers and me but you may invent your own narrative…

Very few changes have been made – just enough to protect the innocent.