Aging (2)

I had an airmail … it was from X saying Y is staying with her – and said she looked like someone from Belsen when she arrived – she broke her femur some months ago and hadn’t been looking after herself. I think X expects to keep her there which would be the best. Y added a happy note at the end saying how well she was and being spoilt – X has 3 Alsatians and endless cats.

You never mention X – did he ever chat to Y, or is he away with the fairies – v. sad – he was such a good looking man. One thing about Z [home town], we’re all running down and make the same silly mistakes and get more and more ga-ga!

I can just imagine how X would haver about the composition and the exposure and everything else. Just as well it would be still life he was taking – but, as you say, not really endurable for you. How on earth anybody could fall asleep in the middle of making sandwiches I can’t imagine, (and I am getting very good at it listening to the news, reading the paper or even playing Bridge).

asleep in the kitchen


Sorry not to have written for so long. I was going through a very hard time. … I spent two weeks in X’s flat and this set me up for the last lap looking after Y. I had caregivers while I was away. He seemed much the same when I got back so I did not think he would go to the Lord so quickly.

The man next door is struggling, but X his wife – who has a raucous voice was telling me on the phone, how it was like training a child and he would wipe his nose on his sleeve and she’d correct him and he’d do it again 2 minutes later. I said I hoped he couldn’t hear her – but she assured me she was in the next room!

Poor dear is losing her sight and has sudden fainting fits so has to stop driving – the Drs say if only she’d have one whilst with them they could diagnose the cause – another friend had the same trouble and did have a ‘turn’ at the clinic and is now on her third ‘pacer’ and driving again too.

I still find it hard to accept that everyone is so aged and white hair and remember that’s just like me – sad!!

Had a bit of a disastrous year so far. Started off with my spectacularly unsuccessful right knee replacement op in March – still hobbling about and loads of pain. X had a massive heart attack in September just 3 days before we were due to go go away. Life is now a hectic round of doctors’ and hospital visits but we intend to get back on the holiday treadmill in earnest next year.

I discovered I am diabetic, what a surprise – but looking back I think Mum had it, though untreated, and she lived to 90.

I find now, 73, I am definitely slowing down.

My sister-in-law managed to sell the farm and has bought a house in the suburbs but pulling it apart bit by bit and re-vamping. At her age I can’t see the point in all the improvements – we all seem to think we will live forever!!

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