We had our jolly fair about 10 days ago. The fair is a most interesting phenomenon. After months of advertising, sewing, jamming, etc., the doors are flung open at 1 p.m. to a locust-like invasion. The place is bedlam for about an hour and a quarter and by 2.30 the place is filthy and empty and we are $5,000 richer. NOT a genteel social event.

Thank you so much for your donation to Maggie’s Centre. My fund-raising is going quite well. I have over £1000 in sponsorship and hope to get some more from the ‘exciting’ Ladies’ Night. Also I have decided to go to a car boot sale on Sunday, and am trying to dig out the rubbish of ages to sell.

It sounds as if you are a hot bed of industry one way and another, but I do hope the new outlet proves successful and that the Handicraft Evenings go on bringing in big sales. It was a dashing idea and might well have proved a rather embarrassing evening for all concerned, with nobody really wanting to buy in any quantity – but it didn’t so that is grand. I visualise the next step as door to door selling like a gypsy with clothes pegs!!

Yesterday was a big stint at the hospital for geriatrics and old off-their-chumps as we had an ‘Edwardian Garden Party’ with some of the volunteers and staff rigged up in Edwardian garb – or as near to it as they felt like! …I helped behind the cake stall and book stall in my usual garb – and only wished I still had winter woollies on as it was all out of doors and cold at 10 a.m. In fact it rained by about 11.30 and everybody’s goodies got a bit damp, but we hadn’t many cakes at all so there wasn’t much left to protect except for some very nasty tins of mushy peas and the ilk, given from the back of the store cupboard by some well-wisher!

I went off and helped at a junk and jumble sale at the hospital and I did rather well on my junk stall as my next door neighbour cleared out all sorts of exciting china bits which went well. In fact in the first rush I reckon a good bit was nicked. We really hadn’t quite enough helpers but what matter who pinched what – it gave the patients a thrill and I don’t mind if they nick things. But when outsiders who are trying to beat down every price do, I get upstage about it!

the volunteer doesn't mind the patients helping themselves
help yourself sale
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