… if any Jacob’s wool would interest you later on, there will be a jerseyful to spare – blotchy black and white and very, very random in all directions – colour and thickness! But mine has been my saving grace during the last month and I am seldom out of it when indoors and on my own – it is hardly elegant for the hospital, which is too hot anyhow!

I have nearly given up making papier mache pots, but I can’t resist well-paying commissions, but it’s very labour intensive compared to painting. I tend to do business wherever I go, if I can. I painted 14 pictures this winter in the Bahamas and left six there to be sold. I hope they are all sold before my next visit in January.

I was ready to sit and do nothing but tag some more wool into my new ‘bogus-feather-cloak’ type shawl. I’ve done about a third of the tagging now – after which it will need tabby weaving all round, and tasselling on two sides.

She has now sewn together the twelve squares I wove on my lap-frame, to make a rug… I pretend that the unsquareness of the pieces, owing to my over-tight weaving, is part of its old-world charm.

I’ve at last started my Jubilee Sampler, I think I should have practised first, every stitch is an adventure, nay, a disaster – all the thread is getting furry with so much unpicking!

He continues his ART and sells out each exhibition. It’s a great pity as he’s really gifted but has appalling taste.

I’m sewing for the stall – dolls’ clothes etc. I borrowed a Barbie against all my better principles – they are so revolting – but do make good clothes horses…  And I’ve done some for Action Man – including sleeping bags. I chose some material that looked a bit like camouflage but was glad I didn’t say so at the sewing bee this week as it was someone’s maternity smock!

The endless patchwork she does and she reads so much as well and she’s pretty well crippled with her back and really should not live alone. Of course, the secret of getting so much done is not to have a television. It’s my undoing – I slump on the sofa and usually go to sleep – so feeble-minded.

some do handicraft, some snooze to TV

She makes mirror frames and they sell like mad. She gets a ‘little man’ to make the frames, and she paints or stencils them in lovely colours and pops in a mirror. The frames are not exactly carved, but bits are chopped out here and there and the effect is great. She even does full length ones.

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