Nuisances of life 5

Yesterday we planned an expensive but pleasant way of celebrating. We intended to meet them for a smorgasbord lunch. In the event the car burst a front wheel bearing on the way to the early service which complicated the arrangements somewhat…. The car sounds expensive – I rang today and the bearing had got hot enough to weld itself onto the stub axle so that will probably have to be replaced as well and they didn’t know where they were going to get a spare. The second misfortune was after service when I went first to the garage in the village – who couldn’t help – tripped over a 1 ft high concrete retaining wall and fell flat into a muddy patch catching my right leg a real whack just below the knee against the concrete. As the third thing I lost my Parker biro! I know I used it to write a cheque after lunch and can’t imagine where it went after that. Maddening. Otherwise, the day went well!

One recent symptom we could do without we have noticed several times in the watches of the night, and that is an intermittent gnawing sound in the wall just behind out beds! Since that part of the house is on a solid foundation it is very difficult to see how any rodent could get there, without working its way along from under the hall floor which would be about 10 or 12 feet with an upright bit of 4×3 to get past every 18 inches. It is both mysterious and trying! I only hope that when it gets to the leads to the bedside lights it doesn’t take a fancy to the taste of plastic insulation, and short the wires! I’ve tried setting a trap under the house – on the far side which is the only part I can get at – and have caught one mouse, but fear that this may be bigger game.

We’ve had a big dandelion blitz and X has scarified it (isn’t that a lovely word) and resown it – but how much will come up is anyone’s guess as the birds arrive in flocks and the only person/bird to fall over the black cotton X put across is me!

Trip hazard

No, I don’t think the boys had been boozing – was another car coming round the corner that got them. X says they were on the right side of the road. Anyway the whole of one side of the new car is being replaced – I can’t believe it will ever be the same.

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