Nuisances of life

I’ve had tinnitus myself in the past and it’s so annoying. Mine was two pitches that went up and down randomly, like a sick siren.

You should know one is here on earth to be ‘abused’ in every walk of life, whether one likes it or not!!

Too sad about X – she’s packed so much into her life and I fear it caught up with her – I only hope it doesn’t mean a vegetable life – she’d rather die than that – but we can’t choose.

I have a wonderful idea about your birdbath. When our water plant was overdosed with bug killer none of my birds would touch the water in the bird bath. Do try boiled water for 2-3 days just to see. If it works you can made an official complaint to your council like I did – except I play bridge with the man who dealt with ours!

the bird bath

My Christmas cooking was a disaster – I used a rough puff pastry for a mince pie (last year’s mince!) – it was v. indigestible – and a recipe of X’s for the cake and it was practically uncooked in the middle and the fondant icing and almond icing revolting!

I made a super salad with cold trout ++ Neither of the boys would touch it – just ate a roll. Then we had vast amounts of strawberries and cream – neither liked that or bananas.

The radio reception is poor apart from the local station which is revolting: mindless howling music, fourth form jokes greeted with forced giggles, endless advertisements, and hardly any news apart from the runners for the local races.

I wore my new tweed jacket to church. I was fortunate to see it in a shop which had a sale on, looking at something else. It is, I think, the only jacket I have ever managed to buy off the peg, with a reasonable appearance across the shoulders, and sufficient length in the arms (after being let down to the limit). Of course, it wasn’t in the sale!!

We’re having an awful hoo-ha about our petrol here – we’re having cars bursting into flames almost daily. They’re very evasive and say it will take 3 weeks to complete tests  but a high-up man did his own tests and put a piece of tough rubber tube in the ‘gas’ complained about and held it up to the TV to see how stiff it was before he put it in then how bendy and sloppy it was after half an hour. It is being accused of doing just this on rubber parts of the cars it’s in contact with – then the slightest spark causes the flames.

She was very upset when she first heard of the damage to her precious van, even if relieved X hadn’t damaged himself. I did find it a bit surprising that he could do it $3000 worth of damage if he was really only going 8 mph, but it did sound an excusable accident…

His father was determined to get away as soon as possible for a long weekend fishing and in fact departed about three in the morning last Saturday – though Y had asked him to put it off a few hours because of the frost on the road at night. In the event it was frosty, and he skidded into a bank and turned the car over – and has probably written it off, though he apparently escaped unscathed, and hired a car to go on to his fishing.

I was notified that a tax refund was coming. It duly arrived, and three days later when I remembered about paying it into the bank, had disappeared again, which is absolutely maddening. The last time this happened I found the cheque acting as a bookmark, so I have searched high and low through all the books I remember having had out of my shelves, and got the library to chase a copy of a book which I returned about the right time, but that has drawn a blank. I can only conclude that it has gone to the tip.

The very nice surgeon said it was a very easy and quick job, and yes he preferred a local anaesthetic and should take about 10 minutes and a couple of stitches. He started looking for the end of the temple artery and 3/4 hour was still looking. Giving a chatty rundown of it not being in the right place, and he’d got a very small bit that didn’t look like an artery, and just as he was about to declare he’d not been able to find it, he said he’d found something he hoped was the right one and cut out the cm required…   At one moment when he said quite despairingly  ‘I hate mornings like this’ – I felt the same!

[re borrowed Mini] is a little alarming to drive as it’s got a very violent clutch, and at one time makes a noise like a little old man talking, most disturbing!

My big lathe suddenly passed out, and on inspection I found that the main drive belt had parted. I found today that the firm I bought it from had disappeared leaving only a part of its name attached to some other firm, and on ringing them: No they hadn’t sold that machine for years, No they hadn’t any spare parts left, No the man who used to travel round visiting machines they sold had retired and not been replaced, and No the speaker hadn’t a clue which end of the main shaft came off to make it possible to put the new belt (if I could get one ) on. [Sounds like full marks for customer relations then…]

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