Thank you letters – 2 (and spelling!)

There is a blackbird on the little lawn outside my study window collecting a tremendous mouthful of worms, as a result of the rain which is beating down fairly steadily (this must be the ‘occasional showers on the west coast’ which they mentioned this morning) – so we have every incentive to get on with our thank you letters!… I’ve managed to fall asleep twice in the middle of writing this – and fear it must be very dull!

Thak you for the book you sent me but we have all ready got the book so I was going to swap it for another book. Sorry it was so late but I’ve been lazy with the birthday letters.

Thank you very much for the absolutly wonderfull batting glaoves I am rigfht into cricket so they are marvalous. They are very usefull for cricket seeing we only have small suply of equiptment at the team I go to. I am very proud of them to. I got them about 2-3 weeks ago and I am sorry I didn’t write sooner.

thank you for gaving me the DRACULA book. I likle the part where dracula is hiding and scares all the people away. We had a concert. At the concert we did a stick Game. [The mind boggles!]

Stick game at the concert

thank you for the big Mr Men book it is really neat. I have learnt a graDe 4. recorDer piece.

Thank you for the book about steam trains and Thank you for the Royal wedding cup it got broken in the air mail but mummy has mend it so it looks brand new. my Guitur is going well P.S. I will be going to beach house in two days.

Thank-you very much for my lovely book on ‘Mysteries of the Universe’ it will be most usefull in school projects and things of that nature. [Too young to be being sarcastic or deliberately insulting??] I have had a look through it and it has a lot of beautiful pictures and lots of writing so that I may read all about the picture. We had a lovely christmas I hope you did as well I got a new action man because my other one broke just before so I now have two action men except one of them has only one arm because that is the thing that broke off.

Thank-you for the magic flowres I have done one but it didn’t work out so I’m going to try a nother one today. And I will find the outher 3 pot’s very useful as well. From Santa I got an electirc toothbrush, when I turn it on it sounds like a road drill! P.S. hear is a picher of Santa.

I have bought Easter presents and made a rather poor imitation of your usual wrapping efforts – including the name tags. Although it’s only Easter Eve I’ll thank you now for my delicious looking egg – I couldn’t resist a peep as I bought it!

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