Ill judged comments 2

Little X was gorgeous, she’s so friendly, and pretty in spite of looking like her father!

Bridge was X’s downfall because he played so much of it at varsity he never got his degree – I didn’t realise the boys didn’t know this and put my foot in it to one of them.

However else I’m wrong I’m sure I have no resemblance in looks or manner to X – I won’t wear that one!!! I do get a little tired of being contradicted and organised in my own house tho’ – we get on quite well by letter!

I had a letter this week from X who had been in touch with the local rag and it had an article and picture of my work, all with my chatty remarks in my letter to X. I must be more careful, it puts me back when people send on letters or remarks I’ve made to them. Z sent my letter to her on to her brother, not at all the same chat I’d have written to him!!

When playing Old Maid with X [grandson] on his visit here he told me most pleasantly I was a horrible old sod. I told him I did not approve – and he apologised most contritely and said I was a very nice sod really!!!

Horrible old sod!

[Comments on birthday book gift] ‘How to complain’ dedicated ‘to an expert’, indeed! Apart from my hair dryer (which I’ve just returned for 7th time) I haven’t actually complained about ANYTHING except a packet of cornflakes, which they mixed up with soap flakes, for a-a-a-ages. Anyway – I’ve not taken anything further than commenting to the shop owner, admittedly there are shops I can’t be bothered to go in because their service is appalling. Perhaps you should have dedicated it ‘to a would-be expert’!

[re gift of some Tarot cards] Really, X is getting terribly staid, straight-laced and heaven knows what else! When I opened them she quite seriously told me they were a lot of nonsense and very dangerous and that I shouldn’t use them! Oh dear!

At lunch X had 1 glass of wine and was fooling around putting the holly on her head and calling herself the Xmas pudding so we were deciding whether to pour brandy on her or just set her on fire! and Y was telling her she was getting tipsy and mustn’t drink any more and to behave herself, getting thoroughly embarrassed so X pointed out that Y was very happy the night before whereupon I said ‘I know, you’re secretly on the bottle, aren’t you?’ That was fatal, my lecture was ‘I don’t approve of such suggestions, you oughtn’t to speak like that’ with about the straightest face I’ve ever seen – I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel put in my place!

He gave her a wide silver ring which would look lovely if she’d take off her gold wedding ring but her hands are too pudgy for all three.

But X would have none of it (he hates the young man who at some time has apparently told him precisely what he thinks of him and his music which is nothing at all).

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