Purchases 2

Have I written since buying a little pull out leaf oak table and 4 chairs from an Indian? That and the divan, big chest of drawers and a 5′ x 2′ 6″ desk doesn’t leave room to do more than a little deep breathing but it’s cosy and looks over to the mountain (pity about the houses in between!)

Not much space

The latest bout of modelling I was ticked off for cos my shoes were ‘shoddy’ so that was a good excuse to blow $30, which I haven’t got, in a sale to get some new ones (in absolutely stupid colour all due to good salesmanship, so now I’ll have to dye them!)

Unfortunately the lovely lolly is all gone, nearly all of it on the washing machine. But on the other hand it’s saved us getting a loan at some exorbitant interest to pay for one.

We went on the smaller boat and sat in the open in the front and took a picnic – fortunately, as those who ordered one for $5 weren’t all served. When we booked the man at the desk said tellingly, ‘You can buy a lot for $5 though’!

I also spent my Christmas money, at last, and added a birthday cheque to it and bought a pale jade ring set in silver. I had been going to buy a Spong Slicer and a Shredder, but luckily they couldn’t get hold of one for me! I’ve also bought something else – sssh – it’s the Japanese version of Bernina called Globe, it’s fully guaranteed by Bernina for 25 years and has a selection of 14 decorative and useful stitches, and other features, like automatic buttonhole and non-adjust tension, certainly enough for my needs, and as it costs less than half the equal Bernina, I decided I couldn’t go wrong. I’ve afforded it by lots of complicated rationalisations, but nevertheless my motto for the rest of the year is: Money doesn’t grow on sprees.

I decided not to put some money into the firm in X which is making an electric car. [Very forward thinking company in 1980!] I think it’s a very good idea, but even if I went down to look round I doubt whether I should discover whether the ground floor I thought I was getting in on was solid, or poised perilously above a cellar of bankruptcy. So instead it is for help with education of the grandchildren.

The last two weeks have been traumatic with carpet hunting. Eventually I avoided having the two cheaper practical ones and settled for something we both liked in green – I’m still recovering from the shock!

I went mad yesterday and dashed up to X at 8.30 a.m. to get a ‘special ’ in flowery sheets – less than half for doubles. I’ve cut 20 inches off the side to make pillow cases – they are madly psychedelic and in all the wrong colours – oh dear!

I bought rather foolishly on the spur of the moment a camel hair skirt this week – reduced to $8 from $18 – but it makes me look even larger than I am.

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