I went to a drill that’s being done near here last week – such a nice man – the one in charge dowsed himself – but only for water – and not depth or flow per minute. I rashly gave him my idea on all three – so I want to go back next week to see if I was on target!!! I was offered a can of beer – I regretted I couldn’t accept!! I was delighted to hear later I’d got the right depth and flow. It’s so good to have something I can check on whether I’m right or not.

 I saw an article asking for ‘divine intervention’ to help find a spring in the zoo so I got a copy of a map of the zoo with contours and did a mass of work on it and made an appt with the manager of the zoo. Having arrived at 10.45 we left at 5 p.m. deadened. It was made doubly difficult that half my plan of streams ran through ‘cages’ of animals etc. and the place was seething with visitors…


[and later in another letter]

Certainly no one could have done it that didn’t map dowse – what with piped water, storm water, sewage drains, and 2 springs/streams (which I was looking for) – not to mention the animals – it wasn’t easy… I was surprised I’d got so tired until I read a book that said dowsing was a very big strain and you shouldn’t do it for too long and too often.

 I was glad to have a phone call from an architect I did a dowse for last year… I’d feared my last effort must have overstepped the mark, I got very enthusiastic and put in a lot of unnecessary information, including a line that went across a field I couldn’t make out until X (who doesn’t believe a word of it!) suggested it was an electric fence – which I believe it was – though it could have been a remanence (lovely word!) [From Wikipedia: Remanence … is the magnetization left behind in a ferromagnetic material (such as iron) after an external magnetic field is removed.]

I’m right into this dowsing business and wonder if you have water under your bed? You said there was a lot round the houses. If you draw the layout of your house and where your bed is placed it is possible it happens to be over water and that is what’s causing your sinus trouble and by just moving your bed you’d be a renewed woman!! Please mark North etc. It’s not a joke honestly – masses of research has been done to prove it.

I wanted to dowse the boys’ room and found X was over water and Y was apparently all clear, which surprised me when I saw the TV in the sitting room was near his wall, but their mum found X had unplugged the TV, and, when I re-dowsed it, it was positive.

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