The native women carry their babies on their backs and any loads on their heads. We have seen several women carrying logs of wood this way, as well as lots of people with their shopping on their heads. One woman I saw was walking along doing some crochet work, the thread coming from an enormous spool of wool on her head.

[While partner travelling] This living alone is terrible, you have to do everything. I’ve only got about twenty minutes before I have to go out to lunch today, so this probably won’t get finished, but must go half empty, as I hope not to go into town tomorrow… What I’ve done in the 2.5 hours since I got home I can’t imagine but I’ve only just managed to get myself a cup of tea. Let’s think – I answered a couple of phone calls and drove the sheep out of the garden back into the drive, as the phone went before I got the gate closed after coming in. Picked a few tomatoes and some spinach for dinner; pureed the former. Boiled some bones for stock. Brought in the logs. Fed the chicks and shut them up with some nice new sawdust on their floor, and took the dog round the field. It hardly sounds like 2.5 hours worth.

[re steroids] I can’t believe the effect they’ve had on me, I’m hyperactive, mentally and physically, and have made more decisions in a week than in the last 2 years, throwing out things, changing things round, saying no if I want to!


[And from partner’s point of view!] X in the meantime is full of enormous energy, and does about four jobs at once all day – presumably the effect of the steroids. And at the same time she is not doing so well with sleep and seems to get through the night with about three hours or less; and is a bit shy of adding Mogadon to the other pills.

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